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Where did Lupin find the Boggart he used to teach Harry to cast his patronus?
What sort of sweet lets you 'breathe fire for your friends'?
What portrait took the Fat Lady's place after she was slashed by Sirius Black?
What spell did Lupin use to move an unconsious Snape back to the castle?
What is the name of Buckbeak's executioner?
Who woke up to find Sirius Black standing over his bed with a knife?
How did Lupin know that Scabbers was really Peter Pettigrew?
What color are Buckbeak's eyes?
What destroys Harry's Nimbus 2000?
What did Professor Trelawney claim to see in Harry's teacup that was an omen of death?
Dumbledore tells Harry that who owes Harry a life debt?
What was the first password to Gryffindor tower?
Who is the Ravenclaw seeker?
What sweet helps in recovering from contact with a dementor?
What charm did Harry and Ron learn in Charms when Hermione 'forgot' to come to class?
What did Hagrid send to Harry for his birthday?
What is the spell Hermione used on Harry's glasses at the Gryffindor/Hufflepuff match to repel rain?
What was the topic of the essay Harry was writing during summer break?
Where did Hermione find Scabbers hiding in Hagrid's hut?
Who was the seeker the last time Gryffindor won the Quidditch cup?
According to the Marauder's Map, how many secret passages are there from the castle?
What does Fred say was Scabbers' finest hour?
What did Fred and George change Percy's head boy badge to say?
Why did Sir Cadogan allow Sirius Black entrance to Gryffindor tower?
What came out of the Christmas cracker Dumbledore and Snape pulled together?
What was the name of the Care of Magical Creatures teacher who retired 'in order to enjoy more time with his remaining limbs'?
Who gave Hermione the time turner?
What is the title of the Divination textbook?
What page does Snape tell the class to turn to when he teaches DADA in Lupin's abscence?
Who sent Harry the Firebolt?
Who is the commentator for the Quidditch matches?
What creature looks as if it's made of whisps of smoke and lures travelers into bogs?
How did the Flobberworms being raised in Care of Magical Creatures die?
What is the name of the creature described as a water demon with sickly green skin, little horns and long spindly fingers?
What was the name of Ron's uncle that saw a Grim then died 24 hours later?
Who or what touched the knot on the trunk of the Whomping Willow to still the branches allowing Harry and Hermione to go after Ron?
How long had Scabbers been in the Weasley family?
What is Aunt Marge's dogs name?
What does Harry tell Stan Shunpike his name is?
What label was on the drawer in Filch's office where Fred and George Weasley found the Marauder's Map?
Along with Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle, what other Slytherin dressed as a dementor at the Gryffindor/Ravenclaw game?
What did Ron send to Harry for his birthday?
What spell is used to open the witch's hump in order to get into the secret passage that leads to the cellar in Honeydukes?
What 'nasty little goblin like creatures that lurked wherever there had been bloodshed' did Lupin teach about in DADA?
What street was Harry on when he first saw Sirius (in animagus form)?
What was Parvati Patil's boggart?
What school does Vernon tell Marge Harry attends?
Who said 'what would your head have been doing in Hogsmeade Potter? Your head is not allowed in Hogsmeade'?
Who conjured the patronus that saved Harry, Hermione and Sirius from the dementors?
What did Hermione send to Harry for his birthday?

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