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Forced Order
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Who is Percy's girlfriend?
Who are Harry, Ron and Hermione partnered with in Herbology for their mandrake lesson?
What spell does Harry use to get Riddle's diary back from Draco?
What did Professor Sprout want to fit the mandrakes with to protect them during the blizzard?
What is the name of the beginners magic course that Filch has information for on his desk?
Name one of the two items Draco pauses to examine as he approached Harry's hiding place in Borgin and Burkes.
Who was teasing Moaning Myrtle about her glasses on the night she died?
What does Harry give to Hermione and Ron before getting off the train at King's Cross?
In what book does Hermione find the Polyjuice Potion?
What is fatal to a basilisk?
What can Harry just make out that is written on the first page of the diary found in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom?
What does Madam Pomfrey give Harry to regrow his bones?
What message is written on the wall where Mrs. Norris is found petrified?
In the letter Harry recieved from Mafalda Hopkirk, what charm did she say was used that violated the decree for the reasonable restriction of underage sorcery?
Nearly Headless Nick invited Harry, Ron and Hermione to a party celebrating what?
Who was Hermione partner during the dueling club?
What is the first question on the quiz Lockhart gives them during their first DADA lesson?
What potion of Goyle's explodes and causes havoc when it showers over the Potion's classroom?
When Hermione was in the hospital wing, who sent her a get well card that she kept under her pillow?
When Ginny was taken into the chamber, what message was found written right underneath the first one?
What is the name of the rich builder and his wife who come to dinner at the Dursley's?
Which book becomes popular, all copies taken out from the library with a 2 week waiting list?
Who told Moaning Myrtle that Hermione was talking about her at the Deathday party?
What book by Gilderoy Lockhart does Molly Weasley consult to de-gnome the garden?
What is the make and model of Arthur Weasley's flying car?
What book does Ron give Harry for Christmas?
Name one of the three fake spells Harry uses to scare Dudley.
Besides Boomslang Skin, Lacewing Flies and a bit of who you want to change into, name an ingredient in Polyjuice Potion.
In response to Harry saying that Voldemort was after Tom Riddle's time, Riddle said...
What is the Slytherin password?
What muggle trick did George perform to free Harry that he considered a skill 'worth learning even if they are a bit slow'?
What did Hermione write at the bottom of the torn out library book page that she was holding when she was petrified?
What spell does Lockhart use to attempt rounding up the Pixies?
On what date did Nearly Headless Nick die?
What is the diary stuffed in when Harry gives it to Lucius Malfoy?
What staff member did Ron have to serve his detention with?
Who sends the letter rejecting Nearly Headless Nick's request to participate in the Headless Hunt?
What is the other name Hermione provides for mandrake in Herbology?
What was Dobby doing when he came into Dumbledore's office with Lucius Malfoy?
Name the tickling and dancing spells Harry and Draco cast on each other during dueling club?

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