Quebec vs. US 1780's

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DescriptionQuebec or USItem
Roman Catholics could be imprisoned it they refused to pay a tithe.Church support
There was a council appointed by the governor to pass laws and run the government.Government
Evan is...
French civil law governed property.The legal system
People voted for representatives to pass laws and run the government.Government
You could work and live off the land, but not profit from selling it.The legal system
English civil law governed property.The legal system
There was support for Roman Catholic Churches but no other churches.Church support
Roman Catholics were legally required to pay a tithe (tenth of their earnings) to their local church.Church support
DescriptionQuebec or USItem
People were not legally required to pay taxes to their church.Church support
No one church was favoured by the government.Church support
There were no elections.Government
The freehold system existed.The legal system
If you improved your land, you could sell it and pocket the cash.The legal system
Churches generally competed on an equal basis.Church support
Practices varied, but there were elections in all the colonies.Government
Land could be held as private property.The legal system
Under the seigneurial system, land could only be leased from the Crown.The legal system

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