'N' is for Nymphadora

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Can you name the people, places, items, spells, etc. in the Wizarding world that begin with the letter 'N'?

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Breed of Hagrid's pet dragon
Slytherin student Theodore ____
A book about wizarding families that Kreacher hid in his den
Creator of the Philosopher's Stone _______ Flamel
Mother of Draco Malfoy
A wizard prison
Counter-spell to Lumos
Lord Voldemort's snake
A treasure-hunting creature with a long narrow snout
Headmaster Phineas ________ Black
Son of Frank and Alice Longbottom
Sweet in the Skiving Snackbox
Filch's cat
Daughter of Ted and Andromeda Tonks
Exams taken by Hogwarts students in their seventh year
Spell performed without saying the incantation out loud
Gryffindor ghost
Type of broomstick
Hagrid's pet dragon
Author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ____ Scamander

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