'J' is for James Potter

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Can you name the people, places, items, spells, etc. in the Wizarding world that begin with the letter 'J'?

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Sweet that is similar to gummy worms
Dolores Umbridge's middle name
Gryffindor Beater _____ Peakes
Gryffindor Chaser Angelina _______
Father of Harry Potter
Remus Lupin's middle name
Member of the Order of the Phoenix Hestia _____
Gryffindor Beater ____ Sloper
A spell that renders its victim's legs temporarily useless
Hermione Granger's middle name
Quidditch commentator Lee ______
Wizard who faked a Lethifold attack _____ Thickey
A Death Eater
Witch who was killed by Voldemort Bertha _______
Hufflepuff student ______ Finch-Fletchley

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