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ActorCharacterFirst Appearance
Richard FranklinTerror of the Autons
Neve McIntoshA Good Man Goes to War
Christopher EcclestonRose
Jacqueline HillAn Unearthly Child
Sophia MylesThe Girl in the Fireplace
Michael CrazeThe War Machines
Freema AgyemanSmith and Jones
Lindsay DuncanThe Waters of Mars
Michael GambonA Christmas Carol
Jon PertweeSpearhead from Space
Daphne AshbrookDoctor Who
Patrick TroughtonThe Tenth Planet
Jemma RedgraveThe Power of Three
Simon Fisher BeckerThe Pandorica Opens
Samuel AndersonInto the Dalek
Deborah WatlingThe Evil of the Daleks
Peter DavisonLogopolis
Annette BadlandAliens of London
Catherine TateDoomsday
Kylie MinogueVoyage of the Damned
William RussellAn Unearthly Child
Billie PiperRose
Lalla WardDestiny of the Daleks
Wendy PadburyThe Wheel in Space
Eric RobertsDoctor Who
Alex KingstonSilence in the Library
Bruno LangleyDalek
Matt Smith The End of Time Part Two
Mark StricksonMawdryn Undead
Dan StarkeyA Good Man Goes to War
Peter PurvesThe Chase
Kate O'MaraThe Mark of the Rani
Janet FieldingLogopolis
Katherine JenkinsA Christmas Carol
ActorCharacterFirst Appearance
Peter CapaldiThe Day of the Doctor
Caroline JohnSpearhead from Space
John LeveneThe Invasion
Russell ToveyVoyage of the Damned
Anthony AinleyThe Keeper of Traken
Noel ClarkeRose
Sophie AldredDragonfire
Louise JamesonThe Face of Evil
Gugu Mbatha-RawSmith and Jones
Catrin StewartA Good Man Goes to War
Claire RushbrookThe Impossible Planet
Penelope WiltonAliens of London
Hugh BonnevilleThe Curse of the Black Spot
Mark WilliamsDinosaurs on a Spaceship
William HartnellAn Unearthly Child
Tom BakerPlanet of the Spiders
Sylvester McCoyTime and the Rani
Colin BakerThe Caves of Androzani
Zoe WanamakerThe End of the World
Andrew Hayden-SmithRise of the Cybermen
John SimmUtopia
Bonnie LangfordTerror of the Vervoids
Velile TshabalalaThe Next Doctor
James CordenThe Lodger
Mark SheppardThe Impossible Astronaut
Derek JacobiUtopia
Michelle RyanPlanet of the Dead
Jean MarshThe Daleks' Master Plan
David TennantThe Parting of the Ways
Nicholas CourtneyThe Web of Fear
Ian MarterRobot
Katy Manning Terror of the Autons
Arthur DarvillThe Eleventh Hour
David MorrisseyThe Next Doctor
ActorCharacterFirst Appearance
Jack WatlingThe Abominable Snowmen
Jenna-Louise ColemanAsylum of the Daleks
Nicola BryantPlanet of Fire
Tony CurranVincent and the Doctor
Dean Lennox KellyThe Shakespeare Code
Simon CallowThe Unquiet Dead
Jacqueline KingThe Runaway Bride
Adjoa AndohSmith and Jones
John BarrowmanThe Empty Child
Jemma RedgraveThe Power of Three
John HurtThe Name of the Doctor
Shaun DingwallFather's Day
Fenella WoolgarThe Unicorn and the Wasp
Carey MulliganBlink
Mary TammThe Ribos Operation
Elisabeth SladenThe Time Warrior
Maureen O'BrienThe Rescue
Ian McNeiceThe Beast Below
Jackie LaneThe Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve
Timothy DaltonThe End of Time Part One
Claire SkinnerThe Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
Marc WarrenLove & Monsters
Carole Ann FordAn Unearthly Child
Frances BarberDay of the Moon
Matthew WaterhouseFull Circle
Sarah SuttonThe Keeper of Traken
Anneke WillsThe War Machines
Karen GillanThe Eleventh Hour
Anthony Stewart HeadSchool Reunion
Bernard CribbinsVoyage of the Damned
Paul McGannDoctor Who
Adrienne HillThe Myth Makers
Camille CoduriRose
Frazer HinesThe Highlanders

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