Buffyverse Character Profile: Drusilla

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Can you name the details about Drusilla from 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel'?

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Full human name
Portrayed by (actor)
First appearance (episode)
Place of origin
Longtime lover
Kills this Slayer
Attacked by a mob in this city
Makes out with this demon in Brazil
Favourite doll
Possesses this special ability
Sleeps with this Italian vampire
Makes out with this Watcher
Both grand-sired by and Sire to this vampire
Given this demon as a gift
Brings home a puppy which she names
Set on fire by this character
Offers eternal life to this Scooby
Massacres a group of lawyers in this man's house
Fill in the blanks: 'Ooh, I'm _______! Do you hear it? I'm _______ all over!'
'I'm naming all the _____...But I've named them all the same name and there's terrible confusion.'
'We're going to _____ ___ _____. Want to come?

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