Buffy the Vampire Slayer Characters

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Can you name the 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' characters by actor and first appearance?

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ActorCharacterFirst Appearance
Julie BenzWelcome to the Hellmouth
Musetta VanderTeacher's Pet
Clea DuvallOut of Mind, Out of Sight
Saverio GuerraWhat's My Line, Part One
Sarah Michelle GellarWelcome to the Hellmouth
Armin ShimermanThe Puppet Show
Charisma CarpenterWelcome to the Hellmouth
Courtnee DraperBring on the Night
Marc BlucasThe Freshman
K Todd FreemanFaith, Hope & Trick
Brian ThompsonWelcome to the Hellmouth
Jack PlotnickHomecoming
Harry GroenerHomecoming
James MarstersSchool Hard
DB WoodsideLessons
Danny StrongInca Mummy Girl
Tom LenkFlooded
Azura SkyeHelp
KD AubertFool for Love
George HertzbergA New Man
Jason BehrLie to Me
Sarah Michelle GellarIntervention
Larry BagbyHalloween
Andy UmbergerDoppelgangland
Leonard RobertsThe Initiative
Paige MossLiving Conditions
ActorCharacterFirst Appearance
Felicia DayShowtime
Adam BuschI Was Made to Love You
Kristine SutherlandWelcome to the Hellmouth
Andrew J FerchlandNever Kill a Boy on the First Date
Robin RikerWitch
Clare KramerNo Place Like Home
Dania RamirezDirty Girls
Alyson HanniganWelcome to the Hellmouth
Adam KaufmanLiving Conditions
Kali RochaFool for Love
Troy BlendellCheckpoint
Max PerlichBecoming, Part One
Fab FilippoFaith, Hope & Trick
Ken LernerWelcome to the Hellmouth
Charlie WeberOut of My Mind
Mark MetcalfWelcome to the Hellmouth
Seth GreenInca Mummy Girl
Eric BalfourWelcome to the Hellmouth
Nicholas BrendonWelcome to the Hellmouth
Harris YulinHelpless
Anthony Stewart HeadWelcome to the Hellmouth
Ethan EricksonDoppelgangland
Alexis DenisofBad Girls
James Charles LearyLife Serial
Dagney KerrThe Freshman
Amber BensonHush
ActorCharacterFirst Appearance
Christopher WiehlNever Kill a Boy on the First Date
Eliza DushkuFaith, Hope & Trick
Bianca LawsonWhat's My Line, Part One
Iyari LimonBring on the Night
Michelle TrachtenbergBuffy vs Dracula
Nathan FillionDirty Girls
Jason HallInca Mummy Girl
Juliet LandauSchool Hard
Dean ButlerNightmares
Kristy WuFirst Date
Tod DuffeyForever
Elizabeth Anne AllenWitch
Clara BryantBring on the Night
David BoreanazWelcome to the Hellmouth
Robia LaMorteI Robot, You Jane
Jeff KoberWrecked
Lindsay CrouseThe Freshman
Amanda FullerShowtime
Emma CaulfieldThe Wish
Robin SachsHalloween
Julia LeeLie to Me
Sarah HaganHelp
Mercedes McNabThe Harvest
Joel GreyForever
Bailey ChaseThe Initiative

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