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Can you name the 'Angel' characters by actor and first appearance?

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ActorCharacterFirst Appearance
Eyal PodellWhy We Fight
Jonathan M WoodwardHome
Tom LenkDamage
Christian KaneCity of
Brigid BrannaghGuise Will be Guise
Alexis DenisofParting Gifts
Andy HallettJudgment
Daisy McCrackenUntouched
Eliza DushkuFive by Five
Sarah ThompsonConviction
Marc VannConviction
Amy AckerA Hole in the World
Alexa DavalosGround State
Gerry Becker Blood Money
Vincent KartheiserLullaby*
Matthew JamesJudgment
Roy DotriceLineage
Daniel Dae KimOver the Rainbow
Laurel HollomanDad
John RubensteinQuickening
Sam AndersonBlind Date
ActorCharacterFirst Appearance
Juliet LandauDear Boy
Brody HutzlerBelonging
Charisma CarpenterCity of
Justin ShiltonThat Vision Thing
Jack ConleyOffspring
Julia LeeBlood Money
Stacey TravisPower Play
Stephanie RomanovThe Ring
Dennis ChristopherOrigin
Amy AckerBelonging
Sarah Michelle GellarI Will Remember You
Leland CrookeLife of the Party
Gary GrubbsFredless
Navi RawatDamage
Thomas BurrSense & Sensitivity
James MarstersIn the Dark
Joss WhedonThrough the Looking Glass
Jeremy RennerSomnambulist
Kate NorbyHeartthrob
David BoreanazCity of
Jennifer GriffinFredless
ActorCharacterFirst Appearance
Ron MelendezHeartthrob
Alyson HanniganDisharmony
Mark LutzThrough the Looking Glass
Adam BaldwinUnderneath
BJ PorterRm w/a Vu
David DenmanThat Vision Thing
Tamara GorskiEternity
John MahonSense & Sensitivity
Seth GreenIn the Dark
Keith SzarabajkaHeartthrob
Jarrod CrawfordThe Thin Dead Line
Danny MoraConviction*
J August RichardsWar Zone
Vladimir KulichSpin the Bottle
Jenny MollenUnleashed
Glenn QuinnCity of
Gina TorresSpin the Bottle*
Mercedes McNabDisharmony
Elisabeth RohmLonely Hearts
Julie BenzThe Prodigal
David HermanWar Zone

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