Dragonball Characters by Bad Description

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Can you name the Dragonball Characters from the provided bad description?

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DescriptionCharacterFun Factz!!!
Spiky hair, wears orange clothes, super.
Bald. Punches Tiens arm clean off!!!
Kills King Cold!!!!
Blows himself up trying to kill Nappa. Fails.
One year older than Goten
Gohan teaches her to fly
Trains Gohan when Goku is dead.
Becomes a supersaiyan before he can fly.
Yamchas flying cat friend.
Villain reincarnated as nice kid!
Alien enemy. Thought he was strongest in world. He wasn't.
Cocky when perfect.
The only main black character.
Chichi wants him to be a scholar.
Sorcerer. Looks like ET.
Champ with an afro. Befriends buu.
First character to do a kamehameha
Spiky hair. was a villain. now an ally.
DescriptionCharacterFun Factz!!!
Bulma's ex. Fist of wolf something.
Cat in tower
Chills with the cat in the tower. Has a sword.
Pig, wishes for panties.
Mechanized himself. still pretty weak.
Girl, second character in the story.
More than average amount of eyes.
Bald, orange shirt, used to be a monk.
Ruler of the North galaxy
Red-headed guy. Not human.
Dragon. ballz.
Krillin's wife.
Sneezes, personality change
Looks like King Piccolo.
Half human half machine. Guy.
First enemy of Goku. Large aspirations, no follow through.
King of the Underworld.

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