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The Death of the Author
The Painter of Modern Life
Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema
The Art of Fiction
Analytic of the Sublime
The Anxiety of Influence
Crisis in Poetry
The Wretched of the Earth
On the Fetish
Lyrical Ballads
The Uncanny
The Function of Criticism at the Present Time
The Book of the City of Ladies
The Mirror Stage as Formative
Tradition and the Individual Talent
Philosophy of Composition
Epistemology of the Closet
A Room of One's Own
Lectures on Fine Art
Enformcing Normalcy (Visualizing the Disabled Body)
The Poet
On Sublimity
The Well Wrought Urn
Studies in the History of the Renaissance
The Birth of Tragedy
The Interpretation of Dreams
Criteria of Negro Art
Semiology and Rhetoric
Ars Poetica
What is an Author?
The Intentional Fallacy
Performative Utterances
The Critic as Artist
A Dense of Poesy
Gender Trouble
Spectres of Marx
Melville's Fist
The Work of Art in the Age of its Technological Reproducibility
Course in General Linguistics

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