Ions Testing

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IonPositive ResultTest Type
PotassiumFlame Test
Iron (II)Add Sodium Hydroxide
BromideAdd Silver Nitrate
CopperFlame Test
SodiumFlame Test
BariumFlame Test
Iron (III)Add Sodium Hydroxide
CalciumAdd Sodium Hydroxide
SulphateAdd Barium Chloride
StrontiumFlame Test
LeadAdd Sodium Hydroxide then Filter and Heat
IodideAdd Silver Nitrate
IonPositive ResultTest Type
CarbonateAdd Hydrochloric Acid
CopperAdd Sodium Hydroxide
AluminiumAdd Sodium Hydroxide then Filter and Heat
PotassiumAdd Sodium Hydroxide
CalciumFlame Test
SodiumAdd Sodium Hydroxide
MagnesiumAdd Sodium Hydroxide
LithiumFlame Test
ChlorideAdd Silver Nitrate
NitrateAdd aluminium and sodium hydroxide then heat
ZincAdd Sodium Hydroxide then Filter and Heat

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