Rivers with the largest discharge

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Can you name the rivers with the largest average discharge?

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Flows into theRiveraverage discharge (m3/s)
Atlantic Ocean219000
Atlantic Ocean41800
Gulf of Bengal33470
Atlantic Ocean33000
East China Sea31900
Atlantic Ocean25700
Kara Sea19600
Laptev Sea17100
Gulf of Mexico16200
South China Sea16000
South China Sea13600
Atlantic Ocean13598
Andaman Sea13000
Gulf of Ob12800
Sea of Okhotsk11400
Beaufort Sea10300
Gulf of Saint Lawrence10100
Atlantic Ocean9570
Caspian Sea8060
Bismarck Sea8000
Pacific Sea7500
Black Sea7130
Flows into theRiveraverage discharge (m3/s)
Arabian Sea6600
Bering Sea6430
Barents Sea3949
East Siberian Sea3800
Pacific Ocean3475
Indian ocean3400
White Sea3332
Mediterranean Sea2830
Gulf of Finland2600
Bohai Sea2571
Aral Sea2525
Mediterranean Sea2300
North Sea2290
Pacific Ocean2157
Persian Gulf1750
Pacific Ocean1710
Pacific Ocean1700
Black Sea1670
Andaman Sea1614
Adriatic Sea1540
Gulf of Guinea1210
Aral Sea1180
Baltic Sea1080

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