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Times Israelites walked around Jericho
Abraham's Second Wife
Number of men Gideon Took to war
13th disciple
Two men that never diedAlphabetical Order
King during the time Daniel was in the lion's den
Shamgar killed 600 men with this weapon
Noah's oldest son
Number of Psalms
Myrrh, frankinscence and
Last word of the Bible
First murderer
Men thrown in the furnaceAlphabetical order
Paul's actual name
Author of Acts
Jesus fasted for how many days
Walked on waterAlphabetical order
Last book of the bible alphabetically
Jacob's WivesAlphabetical order
Peter denied Jesus how many times
Saved Balaams life three times
Name given to Joseph by the Pharoah
Oldest man
Number of plagues
Book of Love
The peacemakers shall be called
Samuel's Mother
Shortest verse in the BiblePlace found in Bible
David's grandfather
Moses' sister
The book after Proverbs
Shortest book of the Bible

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