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Place where Jesus Ascended
The book of Luke and Acts were written to
Longest book in the NT
Mary's Cousin
Couple that died because of lying
Chapter that contains the fruit of the Spirit
First Christian Martyr
Faith without works is
Place where Jesus was Born
Chapter of Love
Was promised to see Jesus before he died
John the Baptist's Father
Chapters in the new testament
Converted by Philip in Acts
First Disciple to be Martyred
# of Gospels with Jesus' ascension
Chapter that contains the armor of God
Saul was traveling to where when converted
Famous Doubter
Mark's Cousin who travled with Paul
Hill where Jesus died
Easter is near the time of which Jewish Holiday
Beloved Disciple
Leader of the Church in Acts
Wrote about half of the NT
Book referenced in Peter's speech in Acts 2
Run away slave in Philemon
Emmaus is how many miles from Jerusalem
Visited Jesus at night

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