Words That Begin with 'CON'

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Can you name the words that begin with the letters 'CON'? (Con + hinted word = new word)

Updated Jun 28, 2014

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+ finished = to pardon or forgive
+ moving or coming downward = patronising
+ not lost = to confuse
+ a monetary penalty = to enclose
+ compressed, thick = to abbreviate or abridge
+ an exploration or crusade = a victory
+ to blend by melting together = to baffle or perplex
+ to care for = to compete; to assert
+ opposite of back = to accost
+ erotic or arousing = in agreement
+ a guide or a pattern = to consider
+ horse's home = police officer
+ to aid or supply = to save or maintain
+ not soft = to validate or ratify
+ form or shape = to set up
+ farm vehicle = builder
+ not permanent = modern
+ spelunking location = curved or depressed

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