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Can you name the Spanish equivalents of 'back'?

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English meaningSpanish equivalent
back of an animal
back of a book or house
back of a book (spine)
back of a chair
back of a check or document
back of a hand
back of a person
background of a picture
back (adjective)
back issue
back pay
back row
from the back
in the back of the house
English meaningSpanish equivalent
in the back of the car
in the back of the room
on one's back
some months back
to be back
to call back
to come (go) back
to give back
to hold back
to back away
to back out (of an agreement)
to backpack
to back up (a vehicle)
to back up (to support)
to have one's back to the wall
to have one's back turned toward
to shoot (somebody) in the back

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