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#1 PictureActor/ActressTotal Gross (millions of dollars)
Forrest Gump$3,530.9
Shrek 2$3,475.2
Star Wars$3,426.2
Night at the Museum$2,962.6
War of the Worlds $2.795.4
The Dark Knight$2,790.2
Sixth Sense$2,637.7
Independence Day$2,520.9
Dead Man's Chest$2,438.9
Ocean's Eleven$2,422.5
Revenge of the Sith$2,380.9
The Grinch$2,337.4
Meet the Fockers$2,288.4
Dead Man's Chest$2,279.6
Shrek 2$2,251.0
Meet the Fockers$2,139.2
The Bourne Ultimatum$2,061.6
The Dark Knight$2,038.1
Return of the King$2,009.8
National Treasure: Book of Secrets$1,994.3
Shrek 2$1,972.6
#1 PictureActor/ActressTotal Gross (millions of dollars)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith$1,886.6
Men in Black$1,846.2
The Phantom Menace$1,838.4
Meet the Fockers$1,813.6
Return of the King$1,792.2
The Matrix Reloaded$1,784.2
The Dark Knight$1,781.5
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone$1,764.0
American Gangster$1,757.7
Pearl Harbor$1,731.8
Night at the Museum$1,730.6
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone$1,713.3
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone$1,713.1
Shrek 2$1,708.0
Big Daddy$1,707.4
Gran Torino$1,675.1
Deep Impact$1,673.0
The Phantom Menace$1,669.3
Mamma Mia!$1,660.6
The Blind Side$1,653.8
Rambo: First Blood Part II$1,639.9
Wedding Crashers$1,625.1

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