The Andy Griffith Show A-Z.

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Security Guard for the Mayberry bank.A
Fred and Jenny ______.B
Who talked Bee into buying a whole side of beef from Diamond Jim's.C
Last name of Briscoe, Charlene, and 'the boys'.D
I don't chew my cabbage twice and you haven't heard the last of _______.E
Bobby ______ and his band with the beat.F
_______ Dan Caldwell (nickname).G
Sold his Indian elixir to the good citizens of Mayberry.H
One of the four Gordon boys that Andy arrested.I
One of Barney's girlfriends that worked at the diner.J
Andy's skeet shooting girlfriend.K
Little kid with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.L
Sam _____ (arrested for moon shining during Christmas).M
Uncle Ollie and Aunt ______.N
The name of Andy's first born son.O
Gas station attendant that joined the marines.P
Mean kid of Mayberry that breaks a street light and then blames Opie.Q
Andy and Opie's first house keeper.R
Last name of one of the mayors' of Mayberry.S
Nickname of Opie's friend George Foley.T
The 'interloper' that assists Andy and Barney to find a cow thief.U
Barney's cousin that can't do anything right.V
The lady druggist.W
When Barney puts himself in the slammer he marks off the days on the calendar with this letter.X
Howie is playing with one of these when he over hears Andy say that the preachers sermons can be Dry as dust?Y
If Opie got a B in arithmetic Andy would take him to Raleigh and Opie could go to the?Z

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