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What musical instrument did Briscoe Darling play? 
How many birds did Opie raise in the 'Opie The Birdman' episode? 
What was the name Andy & Opie's housekeeper before Aunt Bee arrives? 
What was the name of the stranger in the 'Stranger In Town' episode? 
What was the last name of the owner of the 'haunted house' 
Who gives Opie a rooster because he is being forced off of his land? 
Who does Charlene Darling name her baby after? 
What is Goober's last name in the 'TV or Not TV' episode? 
What school subject does Opie 'flunk' because Mrs. Crump gives him the wrong grade on his report card? 
What does Goober take apart and reassemble in the courthouse? 
Thelma Lou's cousin, Karen Moore, was a champion at what sport? 
What club do Andy & Barney try to join, but they only want Andy? 
Who was the holder of the bond that almost bankrupted Mayberry? 
What was Opie's job in the secret club that met in Jubal Foster's barn? 
What did Barney arrest Emma for? 

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