Name the Andy Griffith Show Goodie.

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Andy Taylor's middle name. 
How many jail cells were there? 
Mayberry is located in what state? 
Squad car's license plate. 
Last name of the 'rock thrower'. 
Name of the farmer that Andy delivers a baby for? 
How many 'Darling Boys' were there? 
Name of the dog Barney uses to catch Ralph Neal. 
Andy's favorite color of jelly bean. 
Choir director. 
Who was the first gas station attendant? 
The name one of the female convicts calls Barney.  
The famous telephone operator. 
What was Floyd 'the barber' Lawson's other last name? 
What was the name of the 'man in a hurry'? 
Ben Weaver forecloses on this person. 
Who is related to a Revolutionary War hero? 
What item did Barney call a 'kerosene cucumber'? 
What was the name of the 'cow thief'? 
What was the name of the 'loaded goat'? 

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