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Haunted by a killer bunny obsessed with time travel.
The first real vietnam movie 'first casualty in war is innocence'
'It's a dream with in a dream'
life of a great composer. Died at a young age. Wrote 'Magic Flute'
Blue, and red pills
Chim Chimney
Sequel after sequel after sequel, and a part one and two
'Stay away from the elephant graveyard'
I want to play a game......
Ages backwards
Most famous space war of all-time
Based on a true story. Diaries of a young basketball playing drug addict.
Tale as old as time
Aliens chase Tom Cruise
BIG SHARK, small boat
Movie hints
Knife and shower. Dead mother
Sinking Ship
Dustin Hoffman, ad Tom Cruise's Oscar winning movie
Come with me and you'll see a world of pure imagination.
It's dark! Vin Diesel saves the day
Christian Bale Tries the Save an emotion free society.
Tom and his volleyball
Will Smith says, 'Every little thing is gonna be alright'.
'I will find you and I will kill you'.
Micah! Micah! Micah!
'What's the most you've lost on a coin toss?'
Sequel to question 5
'You have many slaves, Xerxes, but few warriors. It won't be long before they fear my spears more than your whips.'
Freakishly tall 3D Aliens

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