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Du HastIndustrial
PowerslaveHeavy Metal
TrollhamerenFolk Metal
Breaking the LawHeavy Metal
Regime ChangeChristian Metal
Bathe in BloodDeath Metal
I Used To Make Out With MedusaMetalcore
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapHeavy Metal
ToxicityAlternative Metal
Silent LucidityProg Metal
Metal HealthHeavy Metal
Caught in a MoshThrash Metal
Pitch Black ProgressMelodic Death Metal
Crazy TrainMetal
Smoke on the WaterHeavy Metal
To SiriusDeath Metal
Blood and ThunderHeavy Metal
Peace SellsThrash Metal
I Wanna RockGlam Metal
Wait and BleedNu Metal
Through the Fire and FlamesPower Metal
Cowboys From HellHeavy Metal
Im EighteenHard Rock
Bulls on ParadeNu Metal
The Serpent's KissProg Metal
Pull Me UnderProg Metal
Freak on a LeashHeavy Metal
ParanoidTraditional Metal
Die, Die My DarlingHorror Punk
Enter SandmanHeavy Metal
Ace of SpadesBritish Heavy Metal
MelissaProg Metal
Welcome to HellBlack Metal
Paradise CityHard Rock
God Hates Us AllThrash Metal
Over the HillsSymphonic Metal

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