Can You Name the Papal Social Encyclicals?

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Can you name the Papal Social Encyclicals?

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Latin Form of EncyclicalPapal Social EncyclicalA Little Help
Caritas in VeritateThe most recent social encyclical by Pope Benedict
Sollicitudo Rei SocialisCommemorating the 20th anniversary of Populorum Progressio. Presents overview of modern social problems
Pacem in TerrisIssued by Pope John XXIII
Rerum NovarumIssued by Pope Leo XIII on May 15, 1891. Most significant of all encyclicals
Mater et MagistraIssued on May 15, 1961 - On Christianity and Social Progress
Quadragesimo AnnoCommemorating the 40TH ANNIVERSARY of Rerum Novarum
Populorum ProgressioPresents Catholicism as an advocate of a pluralistic, decentralized approach to economic problems
Octogesima AdveniensIssued for the 80th Anniversary of Rerum Novarum
Laborem ExercensWork has potential not only to dehumanize, but also to be the means whereby the human person cooperates in God's ongoing creation
Centesimus AnnusCommemorating 100th anniversary of Rerum Novarum. Talks about the Preferential Option for the Poor

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