All U.S Interstate Highways (1-2 Digit)

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Start/End (S/W, N/E)Interstate NumberStates Passed Through
Galveston, TX/Dallas, TX
Pearl City, HI/Wahiawa, HI
Wolfsburg, PA/near Bellefonte, PA
Hialeah, FL/Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Morgantown, WV/Hancock, MD
Billings, MT/Port Huron, MI
Annapolis, MD/Baltimore, MD
Heyburn, ID/Pocatello, ID (West)
Dunmore, PA/near Sturbridge, MA (East)
Pineville, MO/Kansas City, MO (North)
Halawa Heights, HI/Kanoehe Marine Corps Base, HI
Lafayette, LA/Shreveport, LA (South)
O'Fallon, MO/Chesapeake, VA
San Ysidro, CA/Blaine, WA
Lubbock, TX/Amarillo, TX
Pulleys Mill, IL/Chattanooga, TN
near Moline, IL/Chicago, IL (West)
Wheat Ridge, CO/near Big Spring, NE (West)
Morrison City, TN/Charleston, SC
Canton, MA/St. Johnsbury, VT
Beloit, WI/Green Bay, WI
Normal, IL/Wassau, WI (Merrill, WI)
Concord, NH/Highgate Springs, VT
Charleston, WV/Erie, PA
San Diego, CA/Casa Grande, AZ
Start/End (S/W, N/E)Interstate NumberStates Passed Through
Cove Fort, UT/Baltimore, MD
Binghamton, NY/Schenectady, NY (East)
San Francisco, CA/Ridgefield Park, NJ
Rosenberg, TX/near Crane Naval Depot, IN (South-DIsconnected Segments)
Baltimore, MD/Colonial Park, PA
near Candor, NC/Greensboro, NC
Indianapolis, IN/Port Huron, MI (North)
Middletown, VA/Washington, DC
Queens, NY/Rouses Point, NY
near Erie, PA/Elmira, NY (East)
Mobile, AL/Gary, IN
Makakilo, HI/Honolulu, HI
Tampa, FL/Daytona Beach, FL
New Haven, CT/Derby Line, VT
Las Cruces, NM/Buffalo, WY
Portland, OR/Echo, UT (West)
Miami, FL/Houlton, ME
Macon, GA/Savannah, GA
Nogales, AZ/Tucson, AZ
Brownsville, TX/Raymondsville, TX (East)
Wichita Falls, TX/St. Louis, MO
near Lickdale, PA/Manhattan, NY
Palmview, TX/Harlingen, TX
LaPlace, LA/Chicago, IL
Davenport, IA/Cincinnati, OH (West)
Start/End (S/W, N/E)Interstate NumberStates Passed Through
Muskegon, MI/Detroit, MI
Montgomery, AL/Petersburg, VA
Hannibal, MO/Champaign, IL
near Dandridge, TN/Alexandria Bay, NY
Santa Monica, CA/Jacksonville, FL
Baton Rouge, LA/Slidell, LA
Corpus Christi, TX/San Antonio, TX
Barstow, CA/Wilmington, NC
Sikeston, MO/Chicago, IL
Ellensburg, WA/Hermiston, OR
Slidell, LA/Lookout Mountain, GA
Seville, OH/Camden, NJ (East)
Laredo, TX/Duluth, MN
San Diego, CA/Sweetgrass, MT
Louisville, KY/Cleveland, OH
Pharr, TX/near Edinburg, TX (Central)
Columbia, SC/Cleveland, OH
Seattle, WA/Boston, MA
Virginia State Line/Lumberton, NC (East-Disconnected Segments)
near Kent, TX/Florence, SC
Phoenix, AZ/Flagstaff, AZ
Fort Worth, TX/Little Rock, AR
Kansas City, MO/Pembina, ND

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