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Circumscribed, flat, discolored
Elevated, discolored, less than 1cm
Elevated, discolored, greater than 1cm
Papules, but with greater depth
Liquid filled plaques
Elevated, blisters, up to 0.5cm
Vesicle greater than 0.5cm
Vesicles or bulla that contain leukocytes
Loss of epidermis, heals without scarring
Loss of epidermis/dermis, heals w/ scarring
Linear loss of epidermis/dermis; narrow walls
Depression of skin
Formation of connective tissue from healing of damaged dermis
Round; uniform across lesion
Multiple rings/circles/crescents
An arc or crescent
Straight line
Grid or net pattern
Snake or serpent pattern
Target, 3 separate zones
Marbled like granite countertop
Lesions overlap each other
Lesions are distinct/separated
Lesions clustered together
Lying along a single nerve root
Lying along a lymph vessel
On distant locations (hands/feet/wrists/ankles)
On trunk
On knees or elbows
On flexor muscles of extremities
In the skin folds
Confined to a few individual areas
Widespread over multiple body parts
Involving entire skin surface

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