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Can you name the titles of songs as found within the songs' lyrics?

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Lyric lineSong TitleArtist
'cause she knew what she was doin' and I knowed love was here to stay when she told me to __________
______ you with a smile, and cut you like you want me to
Through the storm we reach the shore, you gave it all but I want more, and I'm waiting for you, ___________
I have become ____________
And __________, now use __________, oh no don't close your eyes
And I said 'what about _____________?' she said 'I think I remember that film..'
But where were they going without ever knowing ___________?
Oh yeah, alright, take it easy baby, make it last all night. She was, an ____________
_____________ that won't say nothin' right, we are the footsteps fading into the night
And the answer's always waiting at the liquor store, _____________, so I'll take that walk
Lyric lineSong TitleArtist
Nothin' you can do or say, you're gonna break my heart anyway, so just _________ when you go
...but nothing comes out when they move their lips, just a bunch of jibberish, mother******s act like they _________
On an ____________, we'll be playin' and havin' fun
If I have to beg and plead for your sympathy, I don't mind 'cause you mean that much to me. _____________, oh darlin.
All these words I don't just say, and _____________.
Well there ain't nothin' wrong with the way she moves, ___________ and a touch of the blues
And I won't tempt to be all you need, somehow _______________
Don't let the days go by, __________.
I was shaking at the knees, could I come again please. _________
Shorty got ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

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