Testing Heuristics from James' HTSM

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First letterHeuristicDescription
Coperational criteria: can it perform required functions?
Roperational criteria: will it resist failure when required?
Uoperational criteria: how easy is it to use?
Soperational criteria: how well is it protected?
Soperational criteria: how well does it scale?
Poperational criteria: how speedy and responsive is it?
Ioperational criteria: how easy does it deploy on platform?
Chow well does it work with external components?
Soperational criteria: how economical is it to provide support?
Toperational criteria: how effectively can it be tested?
Moperational criteria: how economical is it to build, enhance or fix?
Poperational criteria: how economical to port or reuse elsewhere?
Loperational criteria: how economical to adapt to other locales?
Ftest technique: what it can do
Dtest technique: divide and conquer the data
Stest technique: overwhelm the product
Ftest technique: do one thing after another
Stest technique: test to a compelling story
First letterHeuristicDescription
Ctest technique: very every promise
Utest technique: involve the operators
Rtest technique: imagine a problem
Atest technique: run a million different tests
Swhat the program is comprised of
Fwhat the program does
Dwhat the program processes
Pwhat the program depends upon
Ohow it will be used
Ttemporal considerations
Cenvironment: clients of the test project
Ienvironment: data about product needed for testing
Denvironment: how you get along with coders
Tenvironment: those who perform or support testing
Eenvironment: hw, sw, or docsto administer tests
Senvironment:sequence, duration of project events
Tenvironment: the product to be tested
Denvironment: observable products of the project

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