Renaissance Figure by Achievement

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Can you name the figure from the Renaissance in Europe by one of their achievements or famous works?

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'The Book of City Ladies'
'Gutenberg Bible'
'The Ascent of Mount Ventoux'
'95 Theses'
'The Praise of Folly'
'The Prince'
Sistine Chapel Murals
'Vitruvian Man'
'School of Athens'
Circumnavigation of the globe
'Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems'
'Oration on the DIgnity of Man'
The Renaissance Papacy
'The Institutes of the Christian Church'
First Lady of the Renaissance
'The Gates of Paradise'
'The Commentary on True and False Religion'
'Death of a Virgin'
'Four Horsemen'
'Peasant Wedding'
'The Madonna of Chancellor Rolin'
'The Life of Teresa Jesus'
'Judith Slaying Holofernes'
'On the Fabric of the Human Body'
'The Description of a New World, Called the Blazing World'
'David' Made of Bronze

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