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Her Last Single of the 90's
Her 2006 single that got top 10 in every major music chart, except for the US Billboard
The non-charting single from Madonna's first remix album, You Can Dance
Boys Don't Know (According To Madonna)
A Collaboration with lil' Wayne
Ice is _______ water
When you are an actress/actor you go to _________
Worldwide top 10 hit from the movie Evita
Not true red or true green
You keep on pushing my love, over the ________
What you may read to your kids at night
Her US #1 single from the soundtrack album I'm Breathless
Don McLean released a song in 1971. Madonna covered it.
Her longest reigning #1 single in the US, shares its name with a 2008 Rihanna #1
You live an Australian life, she lives a(n) ___1____ __2____
Easter, Halloween & Christmas... are ______s.
First US #1
'Down on my knees, I want to take you there'
An extremely sexual song that got to #3 in the US
A Collaboration with Britney Spears
We're living in a ____1____ world and I am a ____1____ __2_____.
The US #2 single from the movie Who's That Girl
A 2009 worldwide top 10 single, but didn't fare well in the US or Australia
Her 2005 Worldwide (but not US) #1
Peter Griffin covers it on Family Guy... 'AND I FEEL!!!'
I am _____ ___ ___ (US #1 single)
On the soundtrack for W.E., a movie Madonna Directed
My baby's got a _____
Her first UK #1
Gave her her record extending 42nd #1 on the US dance chart (in 2012)
I'm Out Of Time and All I Got is...
On Her MDNA Tour, This is the song when she strips down/flashes the crowd
Her last US #1
This used to be my... [fun place that kids play on]
Her first US top 5 (You'll always be my ______)
It's title means The Beautiful Island when translated from Spanish English
Her first single, where listers thought she sounded like a black singer
Madonna's last single
Many critics found similarities between Lady GaGa's Born This Way, and Madonna's ________
Madonna's last US charting single

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