Wrestlers By Nickname Part 2 (I-Z)

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Can you name the wrestler by their nickname (Part 2)?

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The Icon
The Japanese Buzzsaw
The King
The King Of Hearts
Latino Heat
The Loose Cannon
Macho Man
The Masterpiece
The Mastadon
The Mexican Warrior
The Million Dollar Man
Mr. Ass
Mr. Monday Night
Mr. Perfect
Mr. Wonderful
The Model
The Texas Tornado
The Moscow Mauler
The Mouth Of The South
The Narcissist
The Nature Boy
The Next Big Thing
The People's Champion
The Phenom
The Prince Of Pranks
The Punjabi Playboy
The Rated R Superstar
The Ravishing One
Road Dogg
The Samoan Bulldozer
The Sensei Of Mattitude
The Straight Edge Warrior
Sexual Chocolate
The Shamen Of Sexy
Smackdown's #1 Announcer
Special Delivery
The Taskmaster
The Texas Rattlesnake
Too Sexy
The Viper
The Voice Of ECW
The World's Largest Athlete
The World's Largest Love Machine
The World's Strongest Man
The Worm
Your Olympic Hero

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