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'I'm lovin' it.'
'Have it your way.'
'You know when it's real.'
'Think outside the bun.'
'Eatin' good in the neighborhood.'
'Gather 'round the good stuff.'
'Finger lickin' good.'
'It's good mood food.'
'America runs on ________.'
'Eat fresh.'
'Good food, good times.' or 'We put the oh's in good food.'
'Louisiana fast.'
'Famous for steakburgers.' or 'In sight, it must be right.'
'Come hungry, leave happy.'
'We treat you right.' or 'The queen of ice cream.'
'Subs so fast you'll freak.' 'Freaky fast.'
'Eat mor chikin.'
'When you're here, you're family.'
'Jack's back.' or 'We don't make it until you order it.'
'Where the food meets the star.'

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