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Can you name the words recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary?

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'couch-mooch' (two-words)
cut along this (two-words)
be the main event
laugh abbreviation
(three words)!
make perforations in
usually for charity (not a marathon but a...)
not a taco
= free Chipotle (two words)
catchphrase of past Budweiser commericals
___! Who let this _____ ______ into my apartment? He microwaved my extra-cheesy _______s, used all my Reynolds Wrap to make a _______ ____,
and cut out all my coupons without following the ______ ____s. I have to _______ at a comedy club tonight, right after this underwear ________. I think I’ll start by saying,
“______ everyone. Did you know ___ was just added to the dictionary?”

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