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DomainGreek NameKnown for
Forethought and crafty counselCreator of Mankind and Gave man fire
The River StyxPersonification of hatred
Fame and infamy
The Moon
Patron Goddess of mothers, Protector of the YoungMother of Apollo and Artemis, Latin name is Latonas
All bodies of Water (i.e. oceans, lakes, rivers...etc)
Patron Goddess of the Young and of Nursing Mothers
Leader of the TitansFather of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades and many other gods and goddesses
AstronomyHolds up the Earth
Fertility and the female bodyMother of Zeus, Poseidon, Hades and many other gods and goddesses
IntelligenceFather of Leto
DomainGreek NameKnown for
The SunGuardian of oaths
MortalityFather of Prometheus, Atlas and Epimetheus
Devine Law and Order
After thought and excusesi.e. Epiphany
Intellect and the Oracle at Delphi
WarcraftKilled by Athena in the overthrow of the Titans
TimeNOT to be confused with another Titan
Planning and Wisdom
Memory and RemembranceMother of the Nine Muses

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