Can you name the Greek Gods?

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Can you name the Greek Gods?

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DomainGreek Name
Love and Beauty
Memory (Titan)
The hearth, home and cooking
Mortality (Titan)
Fire and the forge
The Heavens
The Underworld
Messengers, travel, diplomacy and thieves
War and violence
The hunt, wilderness and wild animals
The Ocean, Earthquakes
Time (Titan)
War (Titan)
Hindsight or Afterthought (Titan)
Wisdom (Titan)
Leader of the Titans (Titan)
Marriage, women and childbirth
The Moon (Titan)
The Mind
The Ocean (Titan)
The Sky
DomainGreek Name
Fertility, grain, agriculture and grain
The Earth
North Wind
Shepherds and Flocks
Good Council (Titan)
Forethought, mankind and fire (Titan)
Dawn (Titan)
Queen of the Underworld
South Wind
Healing and Medicine
Wine, madness, drunkenness and pleasure
Astronomy (Titan)
The Sun (Titan)
Magic and Witchcraft
East Wind
West Wind
Wisdom and battle strategy
Music, Healing, Prophecies and Archery
Destruction (Titan)

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