Greek Mythology - Creatures and evils

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Half human, half goat
Flaming bird; born from ashes
Minor Deities associated with nature
Very tall; had one eye
Sea serpent; had 9 heads; poisonous; killed by Heracles (Hercules)
Part human, part bull; from Crete
Part human, part lion, part snake, part eagle
Pets of Ares; huge and had brass claws and beaks
Two extremely old ladies; shared one tooth and one eye between them; sisters of the Gorgons
Very tall; constantly fought with the Titans
Winged horse
Huge racing animals; man-eating
Head and wings of an eagle; body of a lion
Children of Gaea and Uranus; had 100 hands
Part human, part bird; lured sailors to shipwreck with their singing
Horribly ugly; snake hair; turned people to stone
Giant winged-lizard; breathes fire
Giant cat; killed by Heracles (Hercules)
A huge snake
Huge farm animal; from Crete
A giant winged-monster; had 100 heads
King of snakes; giant snake
Huge farm animal; killed by Heracles (Hercules)
Had 100 eyes; employed by Hera as a guard; killed by Hermes
One of the Gorgon sisters, snake for hair, turns people to stone
Female; personification of vengeance
Half human, half horse
Part human, part bird
Horned horse
Head and body of a lion; legs of a goat; snake instead of a tail
Half human, half god
First woman; Open jar/box of evils
A Ghost or spirit
Dog; has three heads; Guardian of the Gates of Adamantine gates of the underworld

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