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Can you name the basic facts about the series 'Quantum Leap'?

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The Leaper
The Hologram/Guide
Artificial Intelligence Unit
Project's Head Programmer
The one controlling the Leaps
Project psychiatrist
Theory upon which the project is based
Place where the people go who are leapt into
Year the Leaper made his first leap (pilot ep)
Year the Leaper first leaped into (pilot ep)
Leaper's memory loss is referred to as...
Name of Hologram/Guide's first wife
Location of Project Quantum Leap
Name of the Evil Leaper
Name of the Evil Leaper's Hologram/Guide
Type of animal Leaper has been
Number of times Leaper has been a woman
The name of the Leaper's wife (ep. The Leap Back)
Name of room where Hologram/Guide interacts with the Leaper
Name of device the Hologram/Guide uses to access A.I. Unit

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