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Can you name the actors who starred in both Harry Potter & Doctor Who??

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Actor's Name:Character in Harry Potter:Also Played in Doctor Who as:
Roger Lloyd-PackJohn Lumic ('Age of Steel', 'Rise of the Cyberman', 2006)
David TennantThe Doctor (10th)
Michael GambonKazran/Elliot Sardick (Christmas Special 2010)
Bill NighyDr. Black ('Vincent and the Doctor' 2011)
John CleeseMuseum Visitor ('City of Death' 1979)
Shirley HendersonUrsula Blake ('Love and Monsters' 2006)
Zoe WanamakerLady Cassandra O'Brien ('End of The World', 'New Earth' 2005)
Adrian RawlinsDr. Ryder ('Planet of the Ood', 2008)
Helen McCroryRosanna Calvierri ('Vampires of Venice', 2010)
Toby JonesDreamlord ('Amy's Choice', 2010)
Jeff RawlePlantagenet ('Frontios', 1984)
Elizabeth SpriggsTabby ('Paradise Towers', 1987)

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