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The type of structure found on the lake that also serves as a security checkpoint
Everyone's favorite camp activity that even has its own fairy
Name of the camp director
Where to go to get your medicine (It's over there!)- the Hebrew name
The name of the waterfront director
The standard excuse for the ropes in containers of colored water during 2nd session
The first name of the man Eisner was named after
The Jewish education program at camp
The building that used to be a theatre, dining hall, and Ofarim Beit-Am
The Hebrew letter associated with the sports chugim
Where Olimers used to hang out during Breira and Swim/Sport
A favorite Eisner meal (hint: soup and sandwich)
Where campers get candy on certain days of the week
The name of the girls' Olim bathroom
The CITs of Eisner
The field between the dining hall and Manor House
The Eisner dessert that doesn't fall when you turn it upside down
The second oldest unit
The state in which Eisner's winter office is located
The holiday celebrated early on in 1st session
Where services are held on sunny days
The ghost who haunts Manor House
Cleaning up after meals- Hebrew name
Building where song sessions are currently held
The food that is always served at every non-breakfast meal
Translate: Aruchat Erev
The full Hebrew name for the dining hall
The camp nature program
The Adventure structure made up of giant logs, a 'Piano', Jacob's Ladder, etc.
The name for the step-structure next to the Bonim Beit-Am, facing the lake
A song whose lyrics come from past plaques
The song written by Matt Stamm, now sung by Eisner campers
The structure of the Olim bunks (excluding 26)
The abbreviation for the building next to Manor House
The sport once played in the hockey pavillion, now in the Octagon
The baseball team Louis supposedly supports
The Madrichim who specifically teach the camp about Israel, its culture, its military, etc.
The hill facing the Chaverim beit-am
Eisner's sister camp
Where Eisner's youngest campers can be found
The K'Tanim Beit-Am's technical name
The one-on-one sport involving a yellow ball, a string, and a pole; commonly played at camp
The bunk rumored to be haunted
Zip code of Great Barrington, MA
The second youngest unit during 2nd session
The name of the color war at camp
The camp mom
The 'boundary' all Eisner campers live in while at camp
The full name of the prayer after meals
The name of the boys' Olim bathroom

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