AP Physics Review- Level 2

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Can you name the correct answers to all of the Level 2 physics problems??

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You drop a rock into a well and hear a splash 1.14 s later. How deep is the well?
A gas in a .5 m^3 container at 1 atm and 300 K is then isothermally expanded to 1 m^3, after which it is isobarically heated to 500 K. What is the final volume of the gas?
A 1.0 kg ball hits a still ball at 5.0 m/s, rebounding back at .50 m/s. Te second ball now has a KE of 10. J. What is the mass of the second ball?
You drop a styrofoam cube (density=100 kg/m^3) into a tub of water. The cube has sides of length=.4 m. What percent of the cube will float above water?

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