Presidential Firsts II

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Can you name the first (and sometime only) U.S. President to do the following?

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Presidential Firsts IIPresident
First Catholic President
First President that was elected by vote of U.S. House of Representatives
First President to be born in hospital
First President to be Impeached
First President to own an automobile
First President to be re-elected in non-consequtive terms
First President to have telephone installed in White House
First President elected by popular vote
First Presidnet with a Ph.D.
First President to die in office
Presidential Firsts IIPresident
Only Presidnet to become Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court
First and only President to win unanimous electorial college vote
First President to pardon a former President
First President to declare War against foreign country
First President to broadcast message from space
First President to live in the White House
First bachelor President
First President to be assinated in the 20th Century
First President to be assinated
Only President to serve without Vice President

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