American Revolution Noteables

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Can you name the notable figures, events or places in thr American Revolution?

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American Revolution NoteablePerson or Place
First American Ambassador to England
British Prison ship nicknamed Hell
Author of Declaration of Independence
First State to ratify current U.S. Constitution
Led American forces that defeated the British at Cowpens
Known as the Swamp Fox
Last Commander in Chief of British Forces
President of the Second Continental Congress
First Person killed at Boston Massacre
American Revolution NoteablePerson or Place
British Commander in Chief during Battle of Bunker Hill
Name of first Constitution of United States
British officer captured with treasonous plans supplied by Benedict Arnold
American General in command of American Artillary
State were the 'Waxhaw Massacre' occurred
Author of 'Common Sense'
Location of George Washington first major victory
Famous General from Rhode Island
Last Royal Govenor of New Jersey

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