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Can you name the dimensions of the playing surfaces and markings for each pro sport?

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Base Line Length (ft) 
Rubber-to-Plate (ft,in) 
Batter's Box Length (ft) 
Batter's Box Width (ft) 
Catcher's Box Length (From Plate) (ft) 
Catchers Box Width (in) 
Pitcher's Mound Radius (ft) 
Rubber Length (in) 
Rubber Width (in) 
Plate Length/Width (in) 
Base Length/Width (in) 
Court Length (ft) 
Court Width (ft) 
Lane Width (ft) 
Foul Line-to-Backboard (ft) 
Rim-to-3 Pt Arc (Center) (ft,in) 
Rim-to-3 Pt Arc (Sides) (ft) 
Hoop Height (ft) 
Backboard Width (in) 
Backboard Height (in) 
Rim Diameter (in) 
Line Markings Width (in) 
Field Length (ft) 
Field Width (ft) 
Endzone Depth (ft) 
Crossbar Height (ft) 
Field Goal Width (ft,in) 
Hash Mark-to-Sideline (ft,in) 
Hash Mark-to-Hash Mark (ft,in) 
Pylon Height (in) 
Hash Mark Length (ft) 
Numbering Height (ft) 
Rink Length (ft) 
Rink Width (ft) 
End Boards-to-Goal Line (ft) 
Goal Line-to-Blue Line (ft) 
Blue Line-to-Blue Line (ft) 
Crease Radius (ft) 
Crease Length (On Goal Line) (ft) 
'Trapezoid' Base (On Goal Line) (ft) 
'Trapezoid' Base (On End Board) (ft) 
Goal Height (ft) 
Goal Width (ft) 
Goal Depth (From Goal Line) (in) 
Blue Line Width (in) 
Face-off Circle Radius (ft) 
Center Face-off Spot Diameter (in) 
Neutral/End Zone Face-off Spot Diameter (ft) 

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