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Can you name the wrestler by their WWF theme song from the Hulkamania Era?

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Sailin' round the world
Here comes the axe...
Damien's Dinner TIme
Everyone's got a Price
The best there is...
He'll take your car
He rocked a perm & mustache
Ugandan Giant
Caskets, not Abyss
Purple outfits, blonde hair tag team
From Montreal to Memphis
There's a rumbling!
Greatest IC Champ of all time!
Highlight for a hintWrestler(s)
Slammed Yokozuna
Going Native
From Parts Unknown
He changes the questions
Jumped off the cage @ MSG
Made Warrior vomit black stuff
Son of a Plumber
The Kiwis
He spat fire
They're NOT the Mounties
Oooooooh yeah!
1989 Film with Zeus
A real American
He's got a mind for wrestling

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