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Can you name the WCW wrestler(s) from their entrance music?

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Itchy bloke
The Red and Black
The Other People's Champion
Has a band of misfits
The bane of WCW and TNA Creative
The best in the world at what he does
Be serious for a minute
Hogan avenged his WM6 loss
Can you dig it?
Silent but Violent
Down from the rafters
He's psycho....and vicious
Biggest Icon in wrestling
Rap is Crap
Highlight for a hintWrestler/Group
Big Vito's team
Who's Next?
Conquest, War, Famine, and Death
The Chosen One
Quote him
The Ragin' Cajun
Man of 1,004 holds
Who's better than him?
Oooooooh yeah!
Freaks and peaks
Head of WCW
Synonym for weed
Never mind that sh!t, here comes....
Joined TNA in Jan 2010.
Ah now, c'mon!

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