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Official Name
Government Type
Former Name
Flag Color
Flag Color
Prime Minister
Largest City
Second Largest City
Capital City
National Anthem
Official Language (National)
Official Language (Government)
Most Spoken Language
Independence From
Independence Day
Nationality (Demonym)
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Bordering Country
Former East Pakistan
Largest Province (Area)
Largest Province (Population)
Bordering Ocean
Bordering Sea
First Prime Minister
Highest Point (8,611 m)
Lowest Point (0 m)
Population Rank
Largest Islam Group (75%)
First Female Prime Minister
Disputed Territory with India
Longest River
Drives on the...
National Animal
National Bird
National Flower
National Tree
National Juice
National Sport
Most Popular Sport
Age of Suffrage
National Poet
Largest Lake
Largest Importer of Goods
Country with Most Immigrants
Militant Group of Northwest

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