Roast of NBA Western Conference teams

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Can you name the NBA western conference team by the roast of their fanbases?

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Sure, you've won some titles recently, but do they really count when your team was so boring that no one was watching when you won?
Four decades of existence and no championship rings is truly pathetic. Maybe you should try playing defense once in awhile.
No one ever goes to your games and no one is sure why your team exists. Who can blame them when you trade your best player for Kwame Brown?
You only have your franchise because your evil owner decided to rob another city of their team so he could have one in his tiny redneck hometown with 4000 people in it.
0 titles, and the only two years you had a chance to win, you had two of the biggest chokes in sports history within 12 months of eachother. Plus, the most annoying owner in sports
Every single one of your players is tattoo-ed from head to toe. You lead the league in player arrests, which is hard to do in such a backwater hick mountain town.
Your team was dominant in 90's with Michael Jordan, and will continue to dominate with Durant....oh wait, you decided to take Sam Bowie and Greg Oden instead
Your best player looks like 'Carlton' from Fresh Prince, and now he wants a trade. Can't blame him after years of the front office putting together overpaid garbage around him.
No one wants to play in your horrible dead freezing tundra excuse for a city, take a hint from the Spanish kid.
The only lifeforms in this city are cows. Almost certainly the city least deserving of a sports franchise, enjoy your team now before it moves to Vegas
'Malcolm in the Middle' sucked and you're a terrible actor. (this team only has one fan so I decided to insult him directly)
You talk about the two titles you've won, but we all know they don't count since they were during Jordan's hiatus. Also, try getting some guys who don't always get injured.
You worship a rapist. Your titles are only because the NBA rigged the league for you to win, and the Celtics own you.
I thought Mormons were supposed to be friendly. Why are all the fans of this team such drunken jackasses? Also, the only black guys in your entire state are on the team.
The only notable thing your franchise has done in the last 30 years is win a first round playoff game. 'We believe.....' that your team is hopeless.

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