AFC teams by TOASTS (compliments)

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Can you name the AFC teams by their toasts (compliments)?

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That Tim Tebow seems like a swell fella! I'd like to sit down with him and have a root beer!
Wow, you guys won the AFC four times in a row in the early 90's! That's really hard to do!
Wow, you guys win the AFC West every year! You guys strike like lightning, LOL!
Your fans are so dedicated! And don't worry, your owner will destroy that pesky Rebel Alliance eventually!
I......I got nothing. Sorry.
Your guys's team must be great if Joe Montana decided to go retire there!
Terrible towel? More like WONDERFUL towel!
My girlfriend really likes your suave latino quarterback!....a bit too much, actually...
I know you guys just started, but you're making so much progress! You'll make the playoffs soon!
Your defense is always super awesome, and purple really brings out your eyes!
Your quarterback sure was great in that Rose Bowl a few years ago! I'm sure he'll lead you guys to a title too!
Those stripes sure look fierce and stylish! Just like your offense will be!
Your dominant running back is a great inspiration to other midgets everywhere!
Boy, your quarterback is super awesome, I love his commercials! He sure makes me want to buy Sonys and Gatorade!
Wow, you went undefeated like 40 years ago! I'm sure you'll do it again eventually!
You guys are super smart for buying those video cameras! That was a super smart strategy!

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