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I used to be the favorite But then someone else came in. Now he is my best friend.
I fly around, I always get jealous, I have a bad temper, I always wear green, I have blond hair.
My appietate consists of four dozen eggs a day. And I wish to marry the odd girl in town. All the girls swoon when I pass them by. And I want to kill a beast that means no harm.
I am a item. I have sons and daughters. I let people pour suff out of me.
I carry a big stick have a blue bottom and I am a witch doctor.
i am ALL alone at first, then I'm not, then i am again, then i save the day.
I am a short fawn I made a hero named Hercules I like to eat leaves
I am one of the youngest Disney characters Even though I'm male, I wear pink I always carry my bear with me
my best friend is another species, it almost got in the way of our friendship, but we overcame it
two characters 
I helped my master fall in love I fell in love along the way and we gained a very large family

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