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Can you name the miscellaneous terms of the renaissance and reformation?

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Name for the room where Henry VII's royal council would meet; name of this council
Issued by Pope Boniface VIII, this Papal bull emphasized spirituality over secularism
A paid pardon for one's sins
The questioning and removal of non-Catholics from Spain
The study and celebration of the human experience
French Calvinists
When included in artwork, this concept creates a sense of three-dimensional realism
The ruling of all of Europe by a single person or ruling family
The idea that a person could communicated with God without the need for a church
The group of Muslims that invaded the Iberian peninsula
The notion that one's life and fate are already planned out before his or her birth
Machiavelli used this term for what we today call 'mercenaries'
Buying or selling a position in the Catholic church
The common way of speaking or writing; the dialect
Ignatius Loyola practiced this - a deeply-rooted inclination to support the Pope no matter what
Describes a person without formal training in a specific area; a non-ordained member of the church
Name of the protestant group which would eventually settle New England
Jews who 'converted' to Catholicism in the Iberian peninsula
Due to the success of this person, he is said to have sold his soul to the devil for money and power
The concepts of Transubstantiation and Consubstantiation have to do with this ceremony, also known as 'The Last Supper'
The favoring of certain people (generally family members) by those in power
The driving out of the Moors from the Iberian peninsula
The art of persuasion using the spoken word
The raising of private armies by powerful lords; outlawed by King Henry VII
The Catholic church deemed this Latin version of the bible the only TRUE bible
This is the term Italians used to refer to the 15th century
The name of the French church
Muslims who 'converted' to Catholicism in the Iberian peninsula
Wars within England between the Lancasters and the Yorks over who should control the throne
The French parliament composed of each of the three estates
Characterized by traditional teaching methods, this idea was shunned in favor of real-world experience
Refers to the period of time when the Pope was stationed at Avignon
The uprising of French workers
The holding of multiple offices at one time by the same person

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